Why Choose Davzion

At DavZion® we believe in making information technology customer-friendly. With an emphasis on industry best practices, we want our clients to feel confident that the technology they are utilizing works to its full potential.
DavZion®  has grown exponentially over the past 3 years yet still remains focused on business processes and customer service. Our team members have the industry certifications to provide customized solutions and make our clients feel one of a kind. Our engineers are keen on standardization and documentation for our clients in order to combat any problems that arise. With this reassurance, our clients can count on us to get the job done quickly and efficiently.  We constantly monitor for any trends and patterns that may emerge and prevent problems from recurring in your business.
Founded in 2014 by Jay Kumar, DavZion®  continues to build on a strong reputation for outstanding IT solutions and customer service. It is our mission to help customers achieve their business objectives by delivering and supporting cost-effective IT solutions and services.


System Integration 

 Hardware Sales and Services

 Network Integration (LAN/WAN)

 Peripheral Sales & Services

 System Maintenance & Upgradation

 Software Distribution

 Browsing security solution

Business Analytics Services

 Analytics Strategy and Design

 Analytics Proof-of-Concept

 Analytical Model and Deployment

 Business Process Analytics

 Analytical Operational Support

Business Analytics Solutions

 Advanced Planning & Scheduling

 CFO Analytics (BPO Services)

 Customer Analytics

 Enterprise Performance Analytics

 Fraud Management

 Marketing Analytics

 Predictive Asset Maintenance

 Risk Analysis

 Social Media Analytics

Big Data Technologies

 Big Data Methodology

 Big Data Technology (eg. Hadoop & MapReduce capabilities)


 BIM Core technologies

 Business Data Lake


 Elastic Analytics

 Optimization of Data for the Enterprise


 Predictive Analytic methods

IT Infrastructure

 Network Management and Administration

 Server Management and Administration

 Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)

 Facility Management Services

 Enterprise Security Management

 Disaster Recovery

 IT-Asset Management

 Helpdesk Management Services

 Annual Maintenance Contract

 Vendor Management Services

 Database Management

 Application Support

 Mail Management

 Data Center Management